February 14, 2009


Valentine? So not for me. I mean its nothing important
to be proud of this day
and nothing to be remembered of. I'm even felt weird with
people in surrounding where there are too obsessed with
this so called Valentine. For Malays especially,
its not our culture to celebrate this day as a
Valentines Day but! there's come a but here,
we can celebrate it as an anniversary
with ur lovers or u can consider as a Lover's Day.
I know people might say ' this girl ni jealous la tu
sbb takde partner nak celebrate with her.thats why dia kecoh nak mampus!'

Trust me! i've never ever felt jealous for those who had a stupid brain to think like that.
Yes! i DO received some presents for this day like flowers,
chocolates, candies and even a teddy but i've never felt proud like
' wow! i get something for valentine'.
I just considered it as a gift from friend to a friend.
Like Appriciating Day or something. Haha.
So yeah, these are some babbling from me about this valentine thingy.

Oh yeah, again! i changed my blog's layout and this time i re-used
my previous layout back, as u can see with ur pair of eyes now.
I felt bored with my old blog skin scheme.
So, thats the reason why i changed it back to this black one back.
Blogger layouts nowadays are so outdated and lame!
Then, i've to re-used the old one back. Pfft!

Schools? argghhh! Tons of homework of course! A loads of meetings to attend.
A bunch of sidang redaksi and club's works to be done. Have tuitions to come.
And the worst part is i can't managed to do and finished all that.
How pathetic to hear that, huh? But still i've to push myself to study till faint.
i've to put a priority first. For this year, it is SPM. So, thats the battle of my life.

Till then peeps!


Anonymous said...

aku tgk sorang laki pun xde post pasal valentine's :P

fdayana afakhri said...

haha.maybe bcos diorg mcm rse bnde ni quite lame kot. and slalu nye valentine's ni pompuan je mcm kecoh2. ;)