February 23, 2009


Here comes again my writting. I want to write sumthing but i'm lack of idea.
So, how? Any suggestion that would consider by me due to my boredom.
Ok. I know it sounds stupid when asking like this while i'm the one who eager
to do some crap here.
So, just forget the question. haha.
Starts back with today, i've to be at Najwa's house by now
but then, i purposely canceled it.
The reason is i malas gila nak keluar rumah today.
I feel like wanna get some rest instead of going out.
Home Sweet Home, baby!
So, sorry girlfriend.
Now i'm not at Najwa's house but at my house in specific way, in my bedroom and boredom
strikes out. Ergh!
Ok. i've to exhale and inhale properly now. So that i would turn to be cool and away
from boredom.
Uh Oh, did i mention that suddenly i feel like to go for a shop?
Hurm. I guess not. So yeah, since lately i mcm kempunan gila nak shop for a bunch of clothes.
Yes! I admit it. Semua i nak in a time. DSLR and shop for clothes. *berlagak kalahkan orang kaya padahal tidak* Haha.
Seriously, like an age i tak went out shop for my wadrobe. I'm just starts to miss my shop activity. Haha. betul la weih. No lies.
*Hish, ape ke pelik sangat pompuan ni nak? Macam x sedar-sedar pula yang SPM dah nak menjelang* Hehe.
Thats it for now. Later i'll find some freshie instead of this oldie crap.
I'm off to my Account revision books.
Suddenly, jadi minat gila kat Accounts form 5 syllabus. Fun!
So, toodles fork!

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