December 30, 2009

Beloved sister and brother are in the group of genius and smart

First of all, i'll start with the younger one which is my brother, Ahmad Fariq Irfan. I know it's late to say this or make it as a post in this lil' diary but people said 'better late than never'. So, here i am writing a post to congratulate the 'annoyed ones' a BIG congratulation for his achievement in getting 5A's in UPSR and not forgetting the fact that he will leave the house soon for a boarding school(SBPI Rawang). I know it is located near my house but still, it will affect the enviroment and reduce the sound pollution in the house.

Kakak will always be missing your garau voice and annoyance behaviour

As an end of this, i would like to congratulate the other sibling which is my baby sister, Nur Fadzleen Izyana where by she had scored 8A's in PMR and congratulations for her school (Sekolah Seri Puteri) because listed as the 1st SBP for PMR 2009.

Kakak will always pray for your success, gedik!

So, CONGRATULATIONS once again u both. I know you guys are the best in everything and kakak will always pray for your success in everyday doing without miss. Both of u promise to take care of yourself in boarding school especially Fariq. Be strong and iloveu.

December 20, 2009

When i turned to be a lazy person...

Ok. Malas nak cerita lebih. Take a look of these pictures where i took it using the webcam at IOI Resort, Putrajaya with the siblings while the parents were busy with their business meeting.

I know it sucks but who cares, i love it when it comes to my siblings. I've lot more pictures in the camera but i'll upload it later. MAYBE, if only if i'm not lazy. Now, i'm so tired and have to start packing the clothes for Terengganu trip. AGAIN! Gosh! Hate it when it comes to pack things.

December 16, 2009


I decided to change all my email to new one since the old one sounds so childish to my hearing system or even when i looked at it. So yeah, welcome the new one. Here are my new email.

Yahoo Messanger :

Windows Live Messanger :

and my gmail is still the same like before

So, people who i know and know me especially to my friends and families, feel free to add my new email to ur YM and MSN list. Thank you.