January 19, 2010

Cure of the day

Edlina had called me this evening with short breath in her voice. At that time, i just can't figure out what had happened to her but worried instead. So, this is what our conversation took place.

EZ : Edlina Zulfaika
FD : Fateen Dayana
NF : Najwa Fathia

Without any appropriate greetings, she shouted my name instead.

EZ : Fateen Fateen!
FD : Wassup Ed! Ko asal jerit-jerit ni. Hello pun tak, bagi salam jauh sekali la. Haha.
EZ : Sorry - sorry. Tak sempat nak ckp. Eh, Ko ada dengar cerita tak?
FD : Cerita? Cerita ape? Tak dengar pape pon. Ko ni mcm tak bernafas je. Try take a breath dulu wei.
EZ : Najwa tak cerita pape kat ko ke? Ko tade contact dia ke?
FD : Aku last contact dia smlm je. Hari ni tak lagi la. Asal? Ko ckp slow-slow bole? Tak pyh jerit-jerit. Aku dengar la.
EZ : Tade la. Aku tgh terkejut ni.
FD : Terkejut for what?
EZ : Najwa ckp dgn aku dia nk bertunang 30 Januari ni!
FD : HUH?! BERTUNANG?! Ko ni buat lawak pulak kn. Ape kejadahnya tiba-tiba nak bertunang pulak minah tu? Dia tade cerita kat aku pape pon.
EZ : Ya Allah! Betul! Dia yang cakap kat aku. Tu yang aku terkejut gila ni.
FD : Qoha dah msk meminang dia ke ape? Ish! Tak caye la aku. Patut pon ko mcm semput semacam je call aku td.
EZ : Tu la. Ko pegi call dia Fateen. Tanye betul ke tak.
FD : Yela-yela. Aku call dia jap. (buat-buat relax padahal dalam hati macam nak t'keluar jantung dengar)

After awhile, i called najwa who currently at her work. She picked up and yes! I acted exactly like Edlina did to me when she first called me. Without any greetings but shouted her name.

FD : NaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJjjjwwwaaa! Betol ke ape aku dgr?
NF : Huh? Fateen! Ko ni kenapa call aku jerit-jerit ni? Aku tau la aku agak sound trouble tp aku bole dengar lagi ko ckp. Asl ni?
FD : Ko yang buat aku mcm ni. Wei, betul ke ape aku dengar ni?
NF : Ape yg betul? Ape yg ko dgr?
FD : Ed ckp ko nk bertunang 30 Januari ni dgn cik abg ko.
NF : HAHA! (she started to laugh untill we end our talked in the phone) Ler, ko da dpt berita ni sblm aku sempat bgtau kat ko lagi. HAHA!
FD: Aku tnye betul ke x? Ko x jwb soalan aku. Dok gelak-gelak je. Aku serious ni. Terkejut aku!
NF : Ko ni! Pegi caye ckp Ed tu buat ape? Aku main2 kan dia je. Dia serious pecaye bulat2 ape yg aku ckp. Kelakar betul! Last2, ko pun dpt terkena skali. HAHA!
FD : NGEK la ko! Aku serious pecaye bila ed ckp mcm tu sbb dia smpai x smpt nak bernafas cite kat aku. Ish!
NF : Sape suruh ko pecaye? Aku kalau nak bertunang pon, mesti ko org pertama tau pnye la. Dun worry.
FD : Ko ni mmg la. Buat habis kredit aku je call ko.
NF : HAHA! Tape la. Aku pon boring jgk kat tempat keje aku ni.
FD : Dah la. Tak nak aku ckp dgn ko dah. Menyampah!
NF : HAHA! Yela2.
FD : K la wei
NF : Ok.

And thats how its end. My friends are beyond funny and loveable. Oh yeah, Najwa kept on laughing till the end of the conversation and it annoyed me so much but i still love her no matter what happened and Edlina too.
Edlina got mad after knowing that Najwa just played her around and she decided to make something in return. Najwa my friend, be prepared will you? Someone gonna haunt u back. HAHA!

They made my day and turned it to be cheerful. Ish! I love both of them eternally.

January 13, 2010

I'm not a spoiled brat

And Yes! I've got this from the beloved parents.
Thank you papa and mummy!
I know it cost a lot. I mean real a lot and i don't deserve this but they know i do really like this handphone.
Eventhough, i can't manage to hold a Blackberry yet but still this handphone is so cool!
I just love it!
Thank you so much once again to the parents.
They are the great parents ever in the world untill i can't ask for more.
It's not only because of the material they gave but evrything including here and there. I mean mentally and physically.

January 6, 2010

When i'm stuck with nothing

Still i tried to be stuck with atleast something. Ok. Am i just insane or plain stupid? Why should i be thinking of having myself stuck in something? It must be due to the boredom all over me. Yeah! Sure that is the reason for all of it. Nonetheless, i'm searching over everything to make me atleast feel fun for a day and i did found that. It is Tumblr, people!

Read this girl's bizarre mind
(click the tumblr icon to go to my tumblr)

It was hell fun with tumblr all day long. I mean i just love to tumblr now even i might not know 100% of how it is functioning but i'll get used to it later on.

My tumblr acts as a companion for fun and it's not like my blog here who acts fully like a diary to me. My tumblr fulled with my non other than my only interest. So, please bear again with that. Only if u know what i mean.

January 4, 2010

Sometimes, i can be a little bit too demand

A few days ago, i'm asking papa for a new handphone since my handphone acts like -just throw me into the grave- action. So, i rushed to papa and ask for a new one. Actually, i'm asking for a Sony Ericsson but he was kinda rejected my choice. Instead of Sony Ericsson, papa suggested Nokia and i was like 'why Nokia? Why not Sony Ericsson?' but i decided not to ask that. Nonetheless, i'm still flooded with curiousity all over me and i just let it be. Papa suggested Nokia E series which is E71 and i'm sorta blurr. I don't even know how to imagine it. I mean what's the shape of it. Is it a flip or slide phone or even just a normal one. I know right! Lame! So, i start google around. Yeah! Google baby google!After googling around and i found myself these :

After seeing these, my jaw opened widely. I'm amazed, man! Seriously, i fall for this handphone and i'm absolutely want this. Maybe people nowadays vigourous about Blackberry and IPhone. I mean yeah! I'm so into Blackberry too but not IPhone. I just can't afford Blackberry for myself yet. Oh, i mean my parents can't afford buying me a Blackberry but for them. So, Nokia E71 is cool too. I'm soo gonna push papa for this one. Yela, papa, who is the one introduce me to this smart phone and it did attract me. Apalagi, nak la!

p/s: Ye, i tak mampu BB yet. So, shut up sudeh! And oh, FYI i love handphone comes with a big screen. ;)

Happy New Decade, folk !

Ok. Fine! I know i know, i'm always late in everything but hey, i do have my own reason for my delay. So, i'm sooooo not gonna miss this want. It's already 2010, people! Woot woot! I mean twothousandten. I just can't believe it that its already come to a new better life(hoping for) and of course, i hate when it comes to ageing part. Grr! I will turn 18 this year. Yeah right, time do flies and it flies that fast untill i can't even realise how fast it change to a new page now.

People might wondering what is/are my 2010 resolution(s) and yes! I do have my own 2010 resolution(s) but now i try to keep it for real. I mean no more childish resolution like years before and more matured thinking for life ahead.

Let see what is on my 2010 resolution list (partially) :

→ Be more considerate and matured.
Solat wajib tak tinggal
→ Be more responsible in life
→Recite Al-quran more often
→Be a good daughter to the parents, a good sister to siblings, a good friend to friends.
→Learn how to cook more delicious dishes from mummy.
→Lose some weight.
→Get a new phone.
→A good student

That are some of my 2010 resolution but there's a lot more to come. It's just that i don't want to make it public and it's a shame if i can't get it for real, right? So, just wait and always pray for the best. Insyaallah, everything will be fine. Once again,