January 4, 2010

Sometimes, i can be a little bit too demand

A few days ago, i'm asking papa for a new handphone since my handphone acts like -just throw me into the grave- action. So, i rushed to papa and ask for a new one. Actually, i'm asking for a Sony Ericsson but he was kinda rejected my choice. Instead of Sony Ericsson, papa suggested Nokia and i was like 'why Nokia? Why not Sony Ericsson?' but i decided not to ask that. Nonetheless, i'm still flooded with curiousity all over me and i just let it be. Papa suggested Nokia E series which is E71 and i'm sorta blurr. I don't even know how to imagine it. I mean what's the shape of it. Is it a flip or slide phone or even just a normal one. I know right! Lame! So, i start google around. Yeah! Google baby google!After googling around and i found myself these :

After seeing these, my jaw opened widely. I'm amazed, man! Seriously, i fall for this handphone and i'm absolutely want this. Maybe people nowadays vigourous about Blackberry and IPhone. I mean yeah! I'm so into Blackberry too but not IPhone. I just can't afford Blackberry for myself yet. Oh, i mean my parents can't afford buying me a Blackberry but for them. So, Nokia E71 is cool too. I'm soo gonna push papa for this one. Yela, papa, who is the one introduce me to this smart phone and it did attract me. Apalagi, nak la!

p/s: Ye, i tak mampu BB yet. So, shut up sudeh! And oh, FYI i love handphone comes with a big screen. ;)


yongsofea said...

Nokia ? NO . tAk suke . Sony ok g

fdayana afakhri said...

But seriously i just love this phone. best dowh dis phone. first mmg mntk sony ericsson but ayh aku kata soh beli yg ni. then, aku mcm x suka jgk la ble dgr nokia. but after seeing this, aku mcm WOAH! i loike! ;D aku ske this kind of phone. kind of blackberry kn. hihi