January 4, 2010

Happy New Decade, folk !

Ok. Fine! I know i know, i'm always late in everything but hey, i do have my own reason for my delay. So, i'm sooooo not gonna miss this want. It's already 2010, people! Woot woot! I mean twothousandten. I just can't believe it that its already come to a new better life(hoping for) and of course, i hate when it comes to ageing part. Grr! I will turn 18 this year. Yeah right, time do flies and it flies that fast untill i can't even realise how fast it change to a new page now.

People might wondering what is/are my 2010 resolution(s) and yes! I do have my own 2010 resolution(s) but now i try to keep it for real. I mean no more childish resolution like years before and more matured thinking for life ahead.

Let see what is on my 2010 resolution list (partially) :

→ Be more considerate and matured.
Solat wajib tak tinggal
→ Be more responsible in life
→Recite Al-quran more often
→Be a good daughter to the parents, a good sister to siblings, a good friend to friends.
→Learn how to cook more delicious dishes from mummy.
→Lose some weight.
→Get a new phone.
→A good student

That are some of my 2010 resolution but there's a lot more to come. It's just that i don't want to make it public and it's a shame if i can't get it for real, right? So, just wait and always pray for the best. Insyaallah, everything will be fine. Once again,



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