March 31, 2011

March Madness

It's already 31st March ?! 
March madness, please let April be a better month. I'm begging you.

March 27, 2011

Not so gadget lover

Bonjour people,

Today, i want to talk about something that related to IT. Don't call me a gadget lover, please. I'm not one of those gadget lunatic people. It's just that sometimes it comes into me naturally without i asked for it. Get what i mean ?

So, recently i've been dying to have an iPad 2 in my hand since it will come out in Malaysia on mid of April based on the the worker at Mac City. I put it on my birthday wishlist for this year. Mummy and papa seems to not have a problem with it even they went to survey this new gadget.

Thereafter, i'm also into Macbook since ever. My sister know this and she want it too. I mean it's Macbook for god sake. Who doesn't, no ? Be it Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, both are the coolest gadget that people should have but of course, being me will always want the newest and powerful one which is Macbook Pro. The one that i want cost around RM6k and by looking at the price itself, forced me to think twice even tenth time. Albeit this time papa don't mind of buying it for me where it surprised me so much that it turned me doughy, still RM6k just for a laptop for me at this age ? I think it's a way too much for me. Don't you think ? I know it's worth it to have it since the technology in Mac is known to be the first class in the world but still, i think i don't deserve to have it just yet. I'll have it one day, insyaallah. Macbook will always remain in my wishlist until i have it in my grab.

Recently, i went to Sony Centre just to check out what's new with Fadzleen and Fariq along with the purpose of to have a look on the digital compact camera that i talk about yesterday on my previous post. The cute pink camera that i want, remember ? So yeah, i'm not talking about the cute pinkish camera this time but i want to talk about something pink too which is the laptop VAIO E series in hot pink. Just by mentioning it makes me hyper all the way now. The design and the color are something to be desired by me, especially. So girlish, that made me stunned for a while. I'm so in love with pink, ey ? Started from there, i put it as one of my birthday wishlist. Now, i really want this ! 

I think i better stop talking about this or else i'll be labeled as gadget lover or maniac or whatsoever that sounds like one which is not at all. Seriously, i'm not really one of those. It is just happened to be that i love one of those gadget that a must to have in hand. Later next time.

Jusque là.

March 25, 2011

Saya gila camera


Miss me ? Baik cakap rindu, kalau tak i merajuk 10 tahun tak bukak dah. Ok, please ignore. Oh yeah, tolong jangan salah faham dengan maksud tajuk post i untuk kali ni.

Tengok gambar kat atas ni pon boleh melonjak-lonjak macam orang kurang siuman sebab excited sangat walaupun tangan tak dapat genggam untuk jadi hak milik sendiri lagi. Hati sangat sedih sebab sampai sekarang tak dapat jadi kan hak milik sendiri lagi tapi tetap teguh sabar sebab yakin satu hari nanti mesti dapat jugak. Now, nak berhenti cakap pasal Nikon DSLR D3100 jap. Take note, SEKEJAP je okay sebab DSLR still takkan dilepaskan dari pada wishlist. Selagi tak dapat, selagi tu DSLR ni teguh dalam wishlist sehingga dapat.

Sekarang i nak cakap pasal camera jugak tapi this time not DSLR but only digital compact camera. Still camera la kan.

I macam dah jatuh cinta dengan camera pink atas ni. Comel kan comel kan comel kan ? I excited sungguh bila tengok camera ni secara live kat Sony Centre dengan adik i minggu lepas. Bila dah macam tu, teruja nak jadikan hak milik sendiri la pulak kan. Siapa tak kenal i. I memang tamak, semua nak jadikan hak milik sendiri. Benda biasa dah ni. 

Nak tau tak sejak bila i mula terjatuh cinta kat camera pink comel atas ni ? Tak kira la nak tau ke tak nak tau ke. I tetap nak bagitau bagaimana alkisahnya i boleh terangau-angau kat si comel pink atas ni. Actually, pendek je kisah bermula nya episode terjatuh cinta kat si comel pink ni. Semua gara-gara terlalu taksubnya i terhadap reality show We Got Married, KhunToria. Since i tidak pernah miss rancangan reality show We Got Married, KhunToria ni la punca nya i boleh tergila-gila kan camera comel ni. Sebabnya Victoria guna camera Sony pink comel ni jugak tapi pink dia lagi comel. Hot pink gitu ! Since then, i pon nak jugak camera pink macam tu. Even Nickhun guna pon nampak double comel sebab tambah daripada kecomelan dia dan paling penting tak nampak awkward langsung. Nak la camera comel ni, pretty please !

Ehem, nak camera pink comel ni time upcoming birthday nanti boleh tak ? Camera comel ni tak semahal DSLR pon. Murah je. Ok didi, stop hoping too much la. please la. 

p/s : Danger alert sebab i buat post ni semasa PMS teruk. Sensitif habis.

March 20, 2011



March 17, 2011

I'm lost

16th MARCH 2011
I will never forget this date.
Alhamdulillah, after all this i'm still alive and perfectly breathing.
Thamks to Allah.
I would also like to convey much gratitude to the girlfriends, Nur Idayu Idrus, Nur Fadhilah Zainudin, Aqilah Azeman, and Alifah for being there for me. They been such a big help to me.
I don't know what else to say.
I'm so glad that i've friends like them who i can laugh and cry with and they can drop their tears for me. 
Friends who proved that they can get through thick and thin with me.
So worthy.
I love you guys.

p/s : I miss mummy and papa. I want to be surrounded with them at this moment of time where i really need their warmth. 

March 12, 2011


Do you happen to see the picture or should i say poster up here ?
Kalau tak nampak, sumpah buta. LOL.
Ok, i'm so happy and excited to say that ;
Oh yes, i'm so excited and looking forward for April to come. 
You hate him ? It's none of my business. Get your own life rather than condemning him over and over again.

p/s : I want to go Bruno Mars concert too. 

March 11, 2011

Be alert !

My prayer goes to the country and people of Japan. Much thoughts and love.
Please don't miss to pray. Anything can happen beyond our expectations.
May all of us be save under the protection of Allah. Insyaallah. Amin

March 10, 2011

The situation where i can't barely handle


So, today i nak taip rojak language which are malay and english bercampur. Can ? It's my blog pon kan. Oh yeah, pembukaan blog untuk post this time sangat sopan kan kan kan ? I know ! I memang sopan like that. Ok. Cut it off, Di. I don't really have the mood to talk nonsense now since the environment surround me didn't let me to do so.

Papa and Mummy just left to perform their Umrah and ramai family members sanggup datang to send my parents off. I'm so happy to see those people that i expect to appear at KLIA were there. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. What can i say ? Despite the parents will be there for only about two weeks, but still i can feel their absent for these period of time. Among my sibling, i'm the manja-er one. Since that, i'm the one who cried the worst. Mesti orang pelik sebab i'm the eldest but the most manja-er ? Yes, i am. Even, my atuk said that i'm the manja-er among the other three bawah i. I think this is because my sister and my brother duduk boarding school since their age reached 13 years old. While i'm with my parents 24/7, especially mummy. Mungkin sebab tu la kot kan.

Having a sweet brother like Ahmad Fariq Irfan is so much helping when he tried to calm me down from crying more and more. Sedangkan i'm the one who supposed to calm my sibling sebab diorang pon mesti lagi sedih kan. Lagi-lagi, my baby brother but to my surprised, i'm the only one who cried like no one's there. Fariq paling cool but since he's my brother, i can tell from his face expression that he's so sad too and yet he can still control himself by calmed me down. So sweet of my brother. I'm proud to have him as my brother. He still can be gentleman at times like that.

There's a person who once said this to me, " You will never fully understand how meaningful your parents are to you until they are miles and miles away from you." That's what i feel right now. I never knew the feeling will be this hard to handle. I harap mummy and papa will selamat sampai and balik. Amin. I'll always pray for these both most important people who complete my life. I love you, mum and pa.

March 5, 2011

Monday blues

Hello beautiful people,

Okay. I wanted to make a post about my so-called-exciting- first day of my third trimester. Trust me, i've been through hell on the first day itself. Yes people, FIRST DAY ! Not even reach a first week yet. Let me list what i've been through in a day since i'm so lazy to type an essay in here now.

1. My phone has been barred sebab bill tak bayar. It really happened on a perfect timing which is early in the morning of my first class on my first day of third trimester.

2. My favourite drama's gonna aired their final episode and i've to wait until Friday to watch it since internet connection at Ilmu's not so good.

3. My wardrobe terkunci dengan padlock from outside and the padlock's key is inside of the wardrobe sebab i tertinggal my keys in the wardrobe when i want to take my mineral water. Didi, you're so clever kan?  *sigh

4. I didn't bring enough tops to wear for a week but i brought lots of jeans instead of tops to wear.

5. I was frightened by the Account and Maths lecturers on the first day itself.

6. Oh uh, i've to meet with Account back for this trimester. I've never love Account ever since my highschool years. Ask my bestfriends. They know that.

7. Money was my big problem on my first week of third trimester begun.

8. My student ID card hilang !

9. Digelakkan dengan annoying seniors sebab tekan lift button and menggelabah masuk salah lift. This one so annoying sebab i kept on bumped into them and they were like laughing whenever they saw me. Those guys sumpah sangat annoying. Ishhh !

So yeah, I've been through Monday blues and it's depressing when it happened earlier that i expected it will. Trimester three seems to be so tough. I can sense that even before the first day of class started. I've to organize my time properly this time. This is gonna be my last semester for foundation before i start with my degree. I've to make it real. Aja aja fighting, Di !