March 27, 2011

Not so gadget lover

Bonjour people,

Today, i want to talk about something that related to IT. Don't call me a gadget lover, please. I'm not one of those gadget lunatic people. It's just that sometimes it comes into me naturally without i asked for it. Get what i mean ?

So, recently i've been dying to have an iPad 2 in my hand since it will come out in Malaysia on mid of April based on the the worker at Mac City. I put it on my birthday wishlist for this year. Mummy and papa seems to not have a problem with it even they went to survey this new gadget.

Thereafter, i'm also into Macbook since ever. My sister know this and she want it too. I mean it's Macbook for god sake. Who doesn't, no ? Be it Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, both are the coolest gadget that people should have but of course, being me will always want the newest and powerful one which is Macbook Pro. The one that i want cost around RM6k and by looking at the price itself, forced me to think twice even tenth time. Albeit this time papa don't mind of buying it for me where it surprised me so much that it turned me doughy, still RM6k just for a laptop for me at this age ? I think it's a way too much for me. Don't you think ? I know it's worth it to have it since the technology in Mac is known to be the first class in the world but still, i think i don't deserve to have it just yet. I'll have it one day, insyaallah. Macbook will always remain in my wishlist until i have it in my grab.

Recently, i went to Sony Centre just to check out what's new with Fadzleen and Fariq along with the purpose of to have a look on the digital compact camera that i talk about yesterday on my previous post. The cute pink camera that i want, remember ? So yeah, i'm not talking about the cute pinkish camera this time but i want to talk about something pink too which is the laptop VAIO E series in hot pink. Just by mentioning it makes me hyper all the way now. The design and the color are something to be desired by me, especially. So girlish, that made me stunned for a while. I'm so in love with pink, ey ? Started from there, i put it as one of my birthday wishlist. Now, i really want this ! 

I think i better stop talking about this or else i'll be labeled as gadget lover or maniac or whatsoever that sounds like one which is not at all. Seriously, i'm not really one of those. It is just happened to be that i love one of those gadget that a must to have in hand. Later next time.

Jusque là.

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