March 10, 2011

The situation where i can't barely handle


So, today i nak taip rojak language which are malay and english bercampur. Can ? It's my blog pon kan. Oh yeah, pembukaan blog untuk post this time sangat sopan kan kan kan ? I know ! I memang sopan like that. Ok. Cut it off, Di. I don't really have the mood to talk nonsense now since the environment surround me didn't let me to do so.

Papa and Mummy just left to perform their Umrah and ramai family members sanggup datang to send my parents off. I'm so happy to see those people that i expect to appear at KLIA were there. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. What can i say ? Despite the parents will be there for only about two weeks, but still i can feel their absent for these period of time. Among my sibling, i'm the manja-er one. Since that, i'm the one who cried the worst. Mesti orang pelik sebab i'm the eldest but the most manja-er ? Yes, i am. Even, my atuk said that i'm the manja-er among the other three bawah i. I think this is because my sister and my brother duduk boarding school since their age reached 13 years old. While i'm with my parents 24/7, especially mummy. Mungkin sebab tu la kot kan.

Having a sweet brother like Ahmad Fariq Irfan is so much helping when he tried to calm me down from crying more and more. Sedangkan i'm the one who supposed to calm my sibling sebab diorang pon mesti lagi sedih kan. Lagi-lagi, my baby brother but to my surprised, i'm the only one who cried like no one's there. Fariq paling cool but since he's my brother, i can tell from his face expression that he's so sad too and yet he can still control himself by calmed me down. So sweet of my brother. I'm proud to have him as my brother. He still can be gentleman at times like that.

There's a person who once said this to me, " You will never fully understand how meaningful your parents are to you until they are miles and miles away from you." That's what i feel right now. I never knew the feeling will be this hard to handle. I harap mummy and papa will selamat sampai and balik. Amin. I'll always pray for these both most important people who complete my life. I love you, mum and pa.

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Aisyah Munirah said...

kak fateen, touchingnya post :')