March 5, 2011

Monday blues

Hello beautiful people,

Okay. I wanted to make a post about my so-called-exciting- first day of my third trimester. Trust me, i've been through hell on the first day itself. Yes people, FIRST DAY ! Not even reach a first week yet. Let me list what i've been through in a day since i'm so lazy to type an essay in here now.

1. My phone has been barred sebab bill tak bayar. It really happened on a perfect timing which is early in the morning of my first class on my first day of third trimester.

2. My favourite drama's gonna aired their final episode and i've to wait until Friday to watch it since internet connection at Ilmu's not so good.

3. My wardrobe terkunci dengan padlock from outside and the padlock's key is inside of the wardrobe sebab i tertinggal my keys in the wardrobe when i want to take my mineral water. Didi, you're so clever kan?  *sigh

4. I didn't bring enough tops to wear for a week but i brought lots of jeans instead of tops to wear.

5. I was frightened by the Account and Maths lecturers on the first day itself.

6. Oh uh, i've to meet with Account back for this trimester. I've never love Account ever since my highschool years. Ask my bestfriends. They know that.

7. Money was my big problem on my first week of third trimester begun.

8. My student ID card hilang !

9. Digelakkan dengan annoying seniors sebab tekan lift button and menggelabah masuk salah lift. This one so annoying sebab i kept on bumped into them and they were like laughing whenever they saw me. Those guys sumpah sangat annoying. Ishhh !

So yeah, I've been through Monday blues and it's depressing when it happened earlier that i expected it will. Trimester three seems to be so tough. I can sense that even before the first day of class started. I've to organize my time properly this time. This is gonna be my last semester for foundation before i start with my degree. I've to make it real. Aja aja fighting, Di !

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