April 30, 2008

what a day?!?!

today was a day dat make me feel like very tired.. i also dunno y i feel very tired.. n today also was a terrible day.. dis all b'coz of my acc class.. My acc teacher wasnt a good acc teacher.. its for me.. My opinion la.. but i'm sure most of my classmates will agree wif me.. da teacher likes 2 teach by talking while writing on da board.. when she start talking like makcik, nobody will hear what she said.. n da most important thing is i dont even understand a piece of shit what she babbling infront there n i was like "hello! what r u babbling of?!?!i'm ur student..so can u juz teach me well..so tht i can get a good result n ur name will be like da good teacher in da skewl"..Dont u like that??or dont u ever dream of that??.. if not, u have too..everytime da teacher come in 2 da class, majority will not be around.. coz cannot tahan da style of her teaching.. ade jgk my classmates yg give da title of dis class is japan class.. hahahaha..=)
but u noe what, japanese is more easier than dis clss.. at least, i can understand japanese a lil' bit.. n japanese is more fun n interesting..
end of dis story..now, about my favourite sub, chemistry.. at skewl today, my class had an exam for chem.. n thnk god! i've read it n do some latih tubi in my exercise book,, so, i think i can do it but i dont wanna be 2 confident.. juz doing fine.. and3.. owh yeah, my mid year exam is juz around da corner.. on da 5th of may.. huhuhu.. i'm not ready.. owhkeyh.. till then.. daa~

April 29, 2008

My 1st day using dis blog

owh yeah..
dis my 1st posting dude!
da main reason WHY i wanna do dis blog is b'coz i think dis is da good way 4 me 2 release my stressed by da stuff out there..
by doing dis, i'll feel kinda good..
so, dis is 4 now..
i dont want elobrate more 4 my 1st day in my kiddie blog..