January 6, 2010

When i'm stuck with nothing

Still i tried to be stuck with atleast something. Ok. Am i just insane or plain stupid? Why should i be thinking of having myself stuck in something? It must be due to the boredom all over me. Yeah! Sure that is the reason for all of it. Nonetheless, i'm searching over everything to make me atleast feel fun for a day and i did found that. It is Tumblr, people!

Read this girl's bizarre mind
(click the tumblr icon to go to my tumblr)

It was hell fun with tumblr all day long. I mean i just love to tumblr now even i might not know 100% of how it is functioning but i'll get used to it later on.

My tumblr acts as a companion for fun and it's not like my blog here who acts fully like a diary to me. My tumblr fulled with my non other than my only interest. So, please bear again with that. Only if u know what i mean.


Diana Naubi said...

time i gave up on blogging i main tumblr. nanti will follow urs lah!
mine; http://love-me-not.tumblr.com
but no one knows kot. hiks

fdayana afakhri said...

haha. me too me too. when bored with this, i go for tumblr but my tumblr is just for fun. so, bare with me ok. haha. :) will follow urs too for sure.