February 1, 2009

The day is back again.

Well, after a week of holidays due to CNY break, the day is coming back which is school days.
Ergh! How horrible to be back with low confident level in my studies. I've got the spirits for study but my confident level is getting low. I dont even know the cause of it. Oh boy, its very dangerous.
I'm afraid that i might be lost my confident. The form 4 syllabus are frigthening me a lot. Especially account. It does not mean that others are ok. No, its not, totally NOT! Semua pon macam afraid la.
This CNY holidays i just revised a few subjects like chemistry, physics, addmaths and acc. As ussual, account still the same condition as before. No improvement for now and i do really hope that it will improve day by day. Amin. Chemistry pon. Adeih! Saya tidak faham! I can understand but when comes to equation, i'll be totally fainted. pfft! Ni baru bab satu form 5 ni. Form 4 syllabus belum buka lagi. Oh God! please! please give me the strength to face all this challenge of studies as a student. I believe i can do it.
Uh oh, and Physics. I'm starting to fall in love with the subjects. So do Add Maths. Fun gila buat and if tak dapat jawapan pon still struggle gila nak buat untill get the answer. Cuma tu la. I've still to revise back form 4 syllabus as my form 4 results were so not that good. That time i'm not serious in my studies. How pathetic to hear that kan?
Ok. Seems tomorrow i'll be back to school and meet my girlfriend, i've to settle all my school works.
Duh! Funny je wei! Esok nak sekola but homework tak siap lagi.
Karangan Bahasa Melayu je tak siap lagi. I feel so malas nak buat. Wtf?
So, i'll stop now for take care of school stuff.

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