January 29, 2009

can wish comes really true?

As the tittle above. Can wishes come true? I'm talking about wishes not dream.
Its some kind of a big different meaning by both word.
So, people mostly have a lot i mean LOAD of wishes to be fullfil. I'm in the category of 'mostly' so, i do have wishes and i want it to be true instantaneously.
I've my own wishes list.
So, let see whats in my list of wishes.
How i wish i can have Nicole Scherzinger hot body? heck! haha. What a pathetic request to be hear?
Laughing? Laugh as loud as u wish. I've got no offense from ur stupidity that knows how to laugh at people.
Ok. This one comes the serious and an infinate wish which i rarely talk to anybody about it.
But my closest friends and families know about it i quess.
The wish is i really craving for Korea to further up my study and i can involve in engineering field.
Maths, Addmaths, Physics and Chem? Yeah! I know i'm not that good and genius in this subjects but miracles are all around. The Almighty can do anything and everything to change it. I believe that.
nevertheless, i've to fight in studies and keep pray to Allah.
For now these are my wishes. I do have alot more wishes but these are what i want and ask for now.
I'll wait, wait and wait to the end of my war to end.
I know it is just a wish. I'll fight for it. Chaiyok! ;D

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