January 25, 2009

Holidays Back

First of all, i would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year for all chinese who celebrate it.
and to my chinese friends, wheres my ang pau meh? haha.
uh oh, thnx for the oranges who gave me before. i just love it. yummy!
since chinese new year is around the corner, holidays are coming back. indeed now. gah!
and guess what?! i demam! oh god! sian je. mcm tau tau je cuti kan. nak demam jgk dia.
so yeah, eventhough its a holiday eve but yet i've to study during holidays.
gila apa nak enjoy mati-matian like last year. SPM dude! forget the enjoyment for awhile.
sabar fateen, sabar.
my homeworks were like OMG banyak gila, ok. the homeworks keep laden on me.
tapi apa nak buat, kena buat jugak for own benefit sake.
but when i think of it back, its nothing to compare what is coming next after my school life.
lg susah kan. so, i've to make used of myself with all these.
this evening i'll be going back to mummy's hometown in malacca.
so, thats all for now. cheerio! ;)

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