January 11, 2009


ok. i'll be back to the same track tomorrow as monday is coming back. so yeah, schools back peeps!
and there will be tuition classes as well. fuh! thats my life. eventhough its tiring me off but seriously i'm happy. weird? nah! it is just minor change of new ME. haha! but i think i must do a major changes in myself. just wait and see. insyaallah it will happen.
oh yeah, i'll be very busy. so, i might not be online too often like last year. maybe i'll be online on the weekends.
thats all for now. i've to finish up my homeworks, ironing my baju kurung and tudung, preparing the books for tomorrow.
till then.

p/s: nowadays i'm so lack of idea in writing a blog. so, i'll try to figure it out something interesting.

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