January 10, 2009

The Feel of Exhausted

hey there! its been awhile i did not update my little-not-so-fabby-typing- diary. i mean AWHILE. hee. ok let see what had happened since i'm so called silent from this little thing.
hurm. oh yeah! schools back! and i'm soooo excited of being in school now. i've met my girlfriends.
it just some kind of relieved to have them back after a long period of holidays.
my firstday of school was the bomb but too exhausted with holding the-18pieces-of-heavy-textbooks. haha. on the firstday of school, my class had started the lessons and seriously, i was like semangat gila nak study.
eventhough i'd just gone through a week of re-open school, i've been very busy with homeworks, tuition and stuff. haha. what a stereotyping, ryte? haha. of course i'll be busy for this year. my last year of school kan. hee. but its just freaking me out. like OMG i dah besar!
yeah! besar but with no ambition untill now. what a pathetic is that? i'm in 5th former right now but i don't even have any ambition for good. it keep changing day to day. for now, what i have to do is struggle for the 10 or 11 subjects that i have to take. that is the one most important things among all. if i score them all, i can pick any in preference. no doubt. so, yeah! i'll do the best for my leaving school memory. ;)
and just now in the morning, i had meetings for club, unit b'uniform and permainan. so, i went to school. today was the first meeting for this year for election of the comittee members.
and alhamdulillah, i've got post for photography club, chess club and puteri islam.
sounds funny ryte when i mention puteri islam? but who cares? it is what i choose. so, just shut up. and a member for Bahasa Melayu club too.
then, after finished the meetings, i rushed for tuition. duh! that was very exhausted. at 6, i've back at home. the life really dont need a spoil brat of REST now i guess. i've taken lot of spoil brat of REST few years back even last year. how sad was that?!
i'm yawning now. so, i better start to call my sweet dream. hee!

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