January 4, 2009

School Frenzy

What?! school getting start that soon? OMG! i'm franticaly anxious of being in high former. God! help me! ok. fine! i know i'm being overboard but this is ME. what can i do, ryte? being nervous, anxious, frantic and all in the family of that are soooooooo ME. heck!
the school is going to start tomorrow. i'll be holding the 5th former tittle in school. i keep asking myself "did i really get myself ready for this big tittle?" time do flies that fast untill i did not realize myself that i'm going to leave my secondary school in the number of 1 year more.
SPM? can i win in the war? i'll do the best in my SPM as before this i've never done better in my studies.
speaking of SPM, everytime i think of it, my tears drop slowly at my cheecks. trust me! i did not have any reasons for my tears but it just tears down in spontineously. Gah! abnormal? i dont know.
maybe i just afraid of my future. i want the best for my future and bring happiness to my beloved parents and family. i'll pray the best for me. always and always.
so, school? all the henky penky subjects will be my lover as i have to love them all. accounts? oh boy, this one i've to struggle more and more sbb acc mcm ssh kot nak save in my mind. hope it can work for this time.
so yeah, wishes all the best for dis year and dis year will bring some kind of differents in my life, though. -amin-


p/s: there's go my spirit. jyeah! ;D

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