January 18, 2009

A Decision

My sister came back to home just now due to her outing session. We had a long talk together, she gave me a piece of advice and yeah i thank her a lot.
She made me think deeply into some matter of future.
Eventhough we fighted almost half of our life but yet she really a good companion of my life since she was born.
i've made my decision that i'm gonna drop EST and i'll take Tassawur Islam.
Before this i'd confirmed that i'm gonna take 9 subjects for SPM but unfortunately i'm still in dilemma of confussion.
Just now, we had quite long conversation between us. I've asked for her opinion and she did gave me a lot of her opinion. i've pray to GOD and my heart sorta hear the advice from my sister.
Now, i have my own decision and that is i'll take 10 subjects including Tassawur and minus EST.
Thank to GOD, my mum and Elin who gave me the vision in a deep way.
It is not the matter of how many paper do i sit for my spm but it is the matter of how much will i score for them.
So, can u see how i'm blind without Fadzleen Izyana in my life? it can be so obvious without her.
how i wish she is here, not at her boarding school. i need my listener. haha. what a drama, fateen? funny je. but seriously, i misses her load. ;D
So, Tassawur Islam here i come!

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