January 22, 2009

enjoyed as no ones around

heyluu! it is such a breathtaking time when i can write something here. haha.
penat giler dowh. act, everytime schools day je mesti pnt giler mcm nak mati kan. duh!
today it sorta a suprise when i can online at this time. i mean like now, 4 o'clock to 5.
it is so so inconceiveable. yela maybe today my tuition start on 7.45pm. thats why la ade time nak merepek kat blog ni today. hahaha.
if not, mmg lupakan je la kan hasrat nak berinternet ni kan. and now i mcm lazy to study. so, yeah ni la jadi nya. miss to crapping in this crap stuff.
starts back with school.
school was ok but sir JC and Pn. Jaspal were not in.
so, add maths, maths and chem were skipped just like that because of these beloved teachers of mine were not in.
enjoyed la my classmates but not me. seriously NOT me.
dah la tgh semangat gila nak belajar tapi the teachers tak ada pulak.
my heart kinda sad. dont laugh! its totally a truth. huh!
can u just imagined, 6 periods without studying anything?! without any piece of shit? pfft!
my brain can just be rust within the 6 periods of time. hish!
ok. i 'm being overboard now. haha. konon marah ni. ;))
then, i did my homeworks while no teachers around. i did my physics and chem lab report.
how rajin am i, kan kan kan? *winkwink*
uh oh yeah! sejarah tadi! OMG OMG OMG! sleepy like just listen to bedtime story yang mmg tak best. sorry teacher.
and the good news is Pn. Kanniga said after CNY might be sir Magandran will teach my class back.
what a relieve to hear that. i miss sir Magandran so much. i miss his teach.
My classmates were like cheered it up. so does me.
suka suka! sape tak suka, kan? ^_^
OMG! its 5pm. i've to stop now. i'll be update it later.

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