December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

OHMYGOD! in the duration of 2 hours more, its gonna change to 2009. time really flies that fast, huh?! and i'm so gonna grow old and big (yeah! i'm sooo big ryte now. i really can see that) haha! gosh! i really hope that 2009 will bring a sucessfull and flying colours to my life. i really looking forward to 2009 as my 2008 life is so sooooo bad and terrible. next year is my big and important year because i'm going to be the next fighter in the war of SPM. so, i really wish that i can make my parents, families, friends and of course myself too to be proud of me with my WOW! results. i do wish i 'll get 10A1 for my SPM. who doesn't, right? in 2008, i'm soooooo playfull as everybody can see. i'm lack of concentration in my studies. duh! heck! i have to put a new spirit in my body to spread it out in my vein. Semangat weih! i've just have 1 year left at SMKTD 1 to proof out to myself that i can do it if i've got the spirit. u go girl! yeah!
so, ofcourse semua orang have their new will for the changing 2008 to 2009 year, kan? so does me. now, come and take a look at my will for 2009.

* rajin in my studies.
* solat awal waktu.
* TURUNkan berat badan. GaH!
* do not skipped from school without purpose.
* achieve 10A1 in my coming SPM.
* be a mature lady.
* dont cry much.
* dont be too shy.
* study is the first priority.
* dont waste time dgn benda yg tak berfaedah.
* enough of internet chatting.
* stay away from carbs as much as i can.
* try to be a good example to my siblings.
* kuatkan semangat.
* try to avoid from being too sensitive.
* focus on what i want in my future life not for what i craving for now.
* try to make my parents be proud of me after all i made them sad.
* rajin pegi tuition.
* dont minggle with friends who do not know how to appriciate me. (kak nana advise. thanx alot
* stay out of trouble.
* amal soleh banyak.
* anak yg solehah
* a good sister
* a good friend.
* a good girl too.
* stay away from crap and shit word from my mouth.
* dont curse people too much.
* try to be silent at once if no purpose.
* i'm soooooooo gonna grab the DSLR NIKON. nak beli sgt!! ;)

well, these are some of my will for this coming 2009. i've a lot in my mind to change myself to be a better person but i'm totally speechless. i just cant say more. so, just pray for me to change to be a better person in life. i wish to be a brandnew NUR FATEEN DAYANA BT. AHMAD FAKHRI.and no more stock for old fateen dayana to be placed.

GOOD BYE 2008!
HELLO 2009!

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