December 20, 2008

a small party

yesterday was my lil' brother's, Ahmad Fadin Asyran birthday. i decided to held a small family party for yeah, i told mummy about the party idea. then, mummy agreed.
my families pon owkeyh, yesterday evening my family members started to ambush my house.
the party was amazing with all maklong's family, pak njang's family, pak busu's family, abang man and kak kyra with wani too.
eventhough not all my family members were there but it was still like kecoh gyler. best!
last nite we just did BBQ, steamboat, and more light food have been served.
plus, the lucsious whole secret recipe cakes. yummy!
owh yeah, about the presents. kak nana gave fadin a cute and adoreable Ben10 watch. while, i gave him a set of HotWheels from Toys"R"Us and elin gave him a set of HotWheels car.
mummy and papa will gave him later. but i dont have any idea what will it be. hee!
the party was end at 12.30pm lastnyte with kak kyra, abang man and wani who were the last quests left my house.
thank you very much families!

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