December 6, 2008

movie again!

uh oh, just now went to KLCC again! i mean again ok.
papa sent me and my sister to KLCC.
and as ussual the mall was sooooo crowded with people.
me and my sister decided to watch BOLT 3D.
so yeah, we went to watch that movie.
and the movie was good. maybe it was in 3D version.
so, mcm best la. kinda real in front of our eyes.
after finished, we went to Kinokuniya.
i found an interesting english novel.
its about vampires story.
but i did not buy it.
i made up my mind that i want to finish up my current reading which is 'The Secret Circle 1'
its also about vampire thingy. haaha. i'm in love with vampires thingy.
from kinokuniya, we tour the KLCC and went to Isetan.
i bought a sleeveless from padini.
the price was reasonable.
then, i feeled ssssssssoooooo damn bored.
so, ajak my sis balik.
pastu, called papa to fetch us.
thats it.
and now i'm blogging. haha.
oh yeah, after this i'm going back to my mummy's hometown in malacca for hari raya haji.


p/s: i'll be away for 3 days. ;D

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