December 18, 2008

Once Again

hey little nigga! gosh! nigga? duh! sounds lame. haha.
owkeyh end of crapping tonite. i'm sooooooo tired like hello! this week i'd been to so many places. i mean malls. and of course my money finished like pouring water. haha.
today like what i said yesterday, i went to mid valley. i reached there around 11.30am.
the real objective is to watch movie.
so yeah, we went to watch a movie called 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' at 1.30pm.

like OMG! i swear the movie was interesting. i mean with the cute dogs acting like they are human.
with pedicure, manicure, birthday party and all that stuff. soooooooo funny though.
the super big movie hall was packed with people. of course! today the movie was release out.
so, tak hairan. haha.
then, afta the movie ended we, i mean elin, me and wani tour the small mid valley again and again without bored. i kinda weird when people always said that mid valley is a BIG mall and i afraid i have to disagree with that. as for me, it was normal and its not so big untill people cant find what they search for.
and oh yeah, i bought a cute black dress from diesel just now. haha. beli lg. whattehheck?!
but what can i do? i just cant stand to see the cute little thing without buying it. duh! sooooooo membazir ryte? but but but i will wear it la nnt. so, no worries.
before i went back, i bought cream puff from beard papa's. wow! luscious! vanilla cream puff, please?! soooooooo yummy! haha.
then, hurry back to ktm. oh god! this moment i just did not like it or supposedly i said i hate it?
the ktm was fulled with human. and the smell.... just please dont mention it. gah!
jyeah! tomorrow is fadin's birthday! hee!
owkeyh, now my-dangerous-lazy-to-type- virus is going to spread in my body.

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