December 2, 2008

Drew Seeley

Drew Seeley. yeah! his name.
i dunno why dis day i'm sort of sucker for green eyes.
currently i'm addicted to robert pattinson and so do this hot greenish eyes guy, drew seeley.
he was increadibly awesome when he sing.
i started realized him when i watch a movie in internet called another cinderella story.
in the movie, he acted with cute doll face girl who was selena gomez.
ok. i admit la kan. before dis mmg x pnh nmpk dis guy.
eh wait pnh la. in 'one tree hill'.
ok. fine! but dlm dlm drama, he was like so-so guy.
i mean x nmpk hot sgt la.
but in 'another cinderella story', he was totally bloody hot ok.
haha. lame.
his voice pon not bad. sedap didgr. he is good in dance floor too.
so, lg mcm nmpk hot la kan. ;)
act. his voice yg sang in HSM1.
i mean troy's voice was actually his voice. drew seeley's voice.
only when singing scene la.

p/s: robert pattinson is still the best kot. ;)

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