December 3, 2008


today mcm boring nak stay at home. so yeah, decided to go to klcc.
i went to klcc with my sister and youngest brother.
fariq x ikt. he wanted to stay at home all alone.
ok. fine then.
pastu around 10.30 smpai klcc. mummy send us there.
then, happy giler today. i tgk twilight lg! wah! tp sumpah weih, i x puas lg.
edward tu was like sooooooooo charming! ;D aww! haha.
this was my second time watched twilight.
i love twilight so muchie! i love the fictional character, edward cullen damn much! u dont like? so, back off?! like i care la stupid?!
i took the earliest show on the 11.00am.
act. i igt after tgk twilight, i nak watch wild child tp mcm mls plak.
rse mcm nak pegi ngn kak nana,.
sbb before this, kak nana had asked me to accompany her to watch the movie.
so yeah, i might be going with her.
ok. after finished twilight, i jalan2 the whole klcc.
it was packed and fun! ;DD
jalan2 and i feeled like going to NIKE shop.
then, msk NIKE shop i found a pair of purple shoes yg really i ske.
i pon decided to buy it.
it costs me around rm200 a pair.
at 5.00pm, my mum fetched us.
then balik la kami. haha.
uh oh, kinda suprised today my little brother was soooo baik ok.
tak banyak kerenah. sgt senang.;)
till then i guess. i'm tired ni.


yongsofea said...

lox . fadin pn ikut skali .
unexpected ! hehe . nsib baik dy x bnyk songeh la . klu i nk bwk *muhmad JGN HARAP ! hehe . pnyibuk lg ade . n i gt u nek trnsport awam .klu mak anta . lgg senang kn ! hehe

fdayana afakhri said...

hell-o! gyler dowh! tadenya i nak nek public transport g klcc.