February 3, 2011

Sweet tooth

Bonjour les gens,

Oh yeah, nowadays, i'm so rajin to write in here ey ? Do you notice that ? I'm proud of myself. Hihi. Despite knowing that finals are around the corner, yet i'm still have the guts to write lots of post in here. Berani mati. Heh.

My all time habit is haunting me back, which is my sweet tooth. I'm the sweet tooth type of person and i'm so happy about it. Do you get what i mean by sweet tooth ? Okay fateen dayana, readers you bukan stupid untuk tak faham benda simple macam ni tapi i tetap teguh nak explain kan. It's like this okay adik-adik, i'm the type who love desserts more than i love the main course. Got me now ? Buat-buat faham je la walaupun tak faham sekali pon. Now, my heart feels calm after explaining things out eventhough some people might don't understand it. Janji i dah terangkan.

Sekarang, i sangat mengidam macarons. I REALLY AM. (wajib kasi highlight ni dengan harapan macarons akan berada depan mata 10 minit dari sekarang) I know i can't get it imported all the way from Laduree, London. So, siapa baik hati nak bawak i pegi Harrods, KLCC untuk menghilangkan mengidam i yang teramat sangat tahap kritikal terhadap macarons ni ? Dapat pahala besar, u know and maybe i'll be so kind-hearted to treat u as well. I'm the-kind-hearted young lady-type too besides my sweet tooth habit. Cukup-cukup la perasan, fateen dayana.

Macaron. What is macaron ? I'm sure everyone know what is macaron. Macaron is a sweet confectionery made with white eggs, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring. The macaron is commonly filled with the buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two cookies. For more info about it, go google it yourself. I won't be spoon feeding you. Okay. Ni Alan Cheah yang ajar. I mean the spoon feeding part. Hihi. 

How i wish i know how to do macarons by myself. I want to learn how to do macaron by myself so badly. Having a sweet tooth disease is somehow a bliss and i'm surely won't regret it. Anyway, i feel pity for whom don't fancy sweets. It's somehow a joyful moment you will treasure. You will get hype all over and it's fun.

That's all from my writing on this post. I don't want to make it too long because it will increase my crave towards this macarons and it's dangerous when my crave getting higher. You will see me turning into someone else. Heh. Till then. Cheerio.

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