February 10, 2011

I'm good in marathon

Well, bonjour beautiful people !

How have u been without me ? Miss me much ? Okay, enough with the drama, Di. You're making the situation quite annoying. Whenever i tried to start a conversation here, it turned out to be super annoying and people will call me drama queen who love to blurt. Yeah, that must be true, i guess. Okay, cut the crap off.

Talking about drama, since i'm in my holidays mood, i'm going to do my most favorite yet enjoyable activity which is i call it drama/movie marathon. This is one cool activity that i love to do during my free time. Some people might said it as wasting time but not me.

So, i would like to show some of the dramas and movies that i will watch during my two weeks of holidays.
Here are some of it :

Gossip Girl Season 4
We Got Married (KHUNTORIA)
 We Got Married (YONGSEO)
 Pretty Little Liars
 Vampire Diaries
Personal Taste
Easy A

These are some of what i'm going to marathon with. Actually, there are lots of movies and dramas that i want or will watch but of course i'm not that rajin to post all the pictures here. FYI, i have other plans to, not only doing this drama/movie marathon for the whole of my two weeks holidays. I got my life to deal with. I mean there are also plans that include outdoor activities. Having these short period of holidays are somehow precious to me. Must make use of two weeks of holidays this time wisely, remember ? 

Till then, au revoir.

p/s: i found out that French is so sexy to learn. Spanish too. :)

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