June 22, 2010



This time i won't bragging. I don't want to brag or have any intention to do so. I just want to say a few words here. NO ! I mean i want to type a few words here and it's absolutely came deeply from the bottom of my heart. I don't really claim it pure but this second, i will. I'm starting to brag, did i ?

Straight to the point, i'm missing SOMETHING and they are my SIX ROCKSTARS :-

#1 i miss having my girls a.k.a my SIX ROCKSTARS around me eventhough we're not always 24/7 together but still the feeling is there.

#2 I miss laughing with them with no reason.

#3 I miss gossiping with them about other people.

#4 I miss to see their smile.

#5 I miss to see their annoying attitude that entertained me.

#6 I miss to be a show off person just because i'm proud to show to the world that i've goddess friends with genuine hearts.

#7 I miss to merajuk with them and having them to pujuk me back.

#8 I miss the way they always concerned about me.

#9 I miss to be worried about them when they have problems or they are not in a good shape.

#10 I miss to be their listener and to tell them my stories, my problem and everything that happened around me.

#11 I miss chill around with them.

#12 I miss to talk nonsense with them.

#13 I miss to laugh out loud in the train like there're nobody around us.

#14 I miss camwhoring with them.

#15 I miss having them around to help me in my homeworks.

#16 I miss having them to talk non-stop like bertih jagung

#17 I miss to watch movies at the cinema with the girls.

#18 I miss their suprised invaded to my house.

#19 I miss having them at my backyard while do the BBQ.

#20 I miss THEM for being themselves for all these while.

I can list more than all these but i rather not to. It's hard to spill. I just want to cry. Before i end this post, i want to tell one more thing that is very important to me whereby I MISS TO BE SEEN AS TRIPLET. Really !

I miss this the most, A LOT.


p/s : I'm really hoping to take lots of photo with the girls before we leave for uni especially triplet. :(


yongsofea said...

omg Fateen ,
i'm going to start crying right now :')
seriously , i will miss u so much .
thanks for being such a good griend to me . ikhlas dari sudut hati , i love you :)

P/s : lama gila tak jumpa ni pun . Serius rindu gila . kau busy memanjang >.<


Hihi. Thank u dearest. Seriously, tiba-tiba aku nak buat this post kan. Aku rindu gila kat korang and i will be missing u guys a lot after this. I LOVE U TOO !♥

HAHA. Busy buat preparation la darling. Kau dah siap post kat johor brg2 kau.