June 15, 2010

Prepaid vs. Postpaid


Ok. I'm a happy girl now. I went to Maxis center at TTDI with papa and mummy last saturday to change our internet service and change my number from prepaid to postpaid. I'm really a happy girl now. I don't know why but it's a relieved when papa changed my plan to postpaid. I'm so grateful. Prepaid is just hell to live with. I can't stand with prepaid much longer. So, now i'm officially using postpaid. I'm not bragging this out.

I'd prepared most of my uni stuff. I'd done with X-Ray, passport photos, and most of the important ones. So, basically i have to buy my toiletries, do the medical check-up, get through all the documents given, and some clothes shopping. Not much left for me to be fully prepared. Time really flies that fast. It's only about a week and the half more for me to be a student back. A university student this time. It makes me shiver just to think of that. Haih.

I want to watch movies so badly nowadays. There're a lots of movie that i want to watch before i leave for uni. A LOTS i tell u. So, can someone please come infront and bring me to any cinema for me to watch all the movies that i want to watch? I'll be pleasure by then. KLCC ke, Wangsa Walk ke, OU ke, Cineleisure ke, Pavi ke or anywhere.


p/s: Rindu SIX ROCKSTARS melampau sangat dah ni.


Diana Naubi said...

using postpaid sangat amat best sbb u wont having any-"alamak kredit hbs, mane na beli topup" conversation. :D

gd luck sis with ur preparation. :)


Yup yup ! Sangat sangat best ok guna postpaid. Guna prepaid menyakitkan hati sentiasa.

Thanks sis ! :)