June 20, 2010

Tears will come over on the cheek


I'm working on something starting today(Sunday) and it's hard for me to do this. Guess what it is? Hurm, i'm counting my days left for me to fill at my own house. That's what i'm working on with and it's really hard for me to do so. It's not that someone asked me to do that but it comes naturally when the time is coming nearer. I didn't know that time can really bothering me now.

Now, i've about 5 days left for me to spend my time wisely before leave for UNITEN. It's really saddening, though. Honestly, this is my first time to be apart from mummy and papa in my whole 18 years life. So, what do u expect me to feel, no? Furthermore, sometimes i claimed myself as a spoiled brat eventhough i'm the eldest in the family. SOMETIMES. Sometimes people out there thought that my younger sister is the eldest one and vice versa. It's because my younger sister looked more matured in her character wise than i am even the way she talked looked more matured than the way i talked. If not, why my younger brother which is 13 years old called me 'baby' and he always said " Kak Fateen ni macam baby la " That showed a lot, huh ? Atuk said the same thing too. He said that i'm the type who very manja with parents. I've been living in the same roof with my parents since 18 years ago and now, i'm going to feel how my younger sister and brother felt by stayed away from parents. Must be very tiring, ey?

From now on, i've to prepare my mental, physical and emotion to get through all these with ease. Insyaallah. So, will be welcoming UNITEN in my life less than a week from now.


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