August 22, 2010

Upper East Side

I stumbled upon some of the pictures of Gossip Girl Season 4 location shoot in Paris a few days ago. They were sooo pretty I wanted to cry! Filming in Paris made the setting even more beautiful, yes? The clothes were absolutely stunning and how I wished I could have them all. I think it was even better than last season's! Can't help myself from drooling over and over again with Serena van der Woodsen's jaw-dropping wardrobe (she's my favourite!).

Her styles that caught my eye, ALWAYS :

How can i not love her ?

I loved how she managed to pull off everything together looking effortlessly chic, simple, classy, feminine and drop-dead G! She looked good in mostly everything! These are my chosen ones because actually, that was all I could find so far. Perhaps if I found more, I would post them all? Looking forward to the premiere on September 13th!

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