August 14, 2010

Happy Ramadhan


Well, it's been awhile, no? I've been so busy lately with assignments, quizzes, preparing for midterm exams and not to forget my social life. I've been buzzing around here and there. Now only i realised how tired i am by holding the tittle of a university student. It's really tiring but mind control helped alot in handling all those bad and negative thoughts around me. Well, atleast that's what mummy taught me and i followed.

Time do fly without i notice how fast it was and it's already Ramadhan which is fasting month for all muslims in the world. As for me, i'm welcoming fasting month for the 1st time without the family. It feels awkward somehow with handphone is the one which act as my alarm for sahur not mummy or papa as previous years and i'm the one who looked for the food for breaking fast and no more mummy's dishes except for weekends. Seriously, i'm still learning to adapt my life here really well as i'm not get use to it just yet. A bit spoiled brat i must say but insyaallah everything's going to run smoothly as i hope it to be that way.

Next week, my schedule gonna be full with exams and by thinking of that, my mind partially burst out. I NEED TO STUDY. I really need to do that. I'm not a genius student who can answer all exam questions with a blink of eyes without study. I'm not born from that type of student. I'm the type where i need to study really hard to achieve what i want and if i won't, i can say goodbye to what i aim for. As simple as that, ey? Well, that's me.

So yeah, once again i want to take this opportunity to say Happy Ramadhan to all muslims in the world. :)

Till we meet again,

p/s; Raya please come fast. I want u.

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