October 22, 2010

My Guy

I want a guy who will tell me when I'm being stupid. Who won't baby me with his words. A guy who will still give time for his friends. A guy who will tell me "NO". He will watch stupid movies with me, but makes me watch his favourites also. A guy who's willing to drop everything to be with me, but knows when to let it be. A guy who will know he's important to me, but won't mind when I change my plans to help someone out. A guy who is honest, smart and responsible. A guy who would share his problems with me, someone who I could talk with for hours. I want a guy who's charming, who's enjoyable to look at. He doesn't have to be the cutest guy in the world. A guy who will randomly bring me food, because he knows I didn't eat yet and need to eat by that time. A guy who can make jokes about me, a guy that I can laugh with. Someone who won't mind when I embarrass myself. A guy who will buy me something, something I would actually want, not just to please me. Someone who doesn't do everything I ask, but when it comes to something important I can count on him to be there. Someone who I don't feel threatened by. A guy who has other friends that are girls, but I can trust him with them. A guy who I can just sit with. I just want to feel comfortable, and safe.

I don't go for a perfect guy. Afterall, there's no such thing of a 'perfect' guy. Girls really can dream big and the best part is, it's not wrong at all for a girl like me.

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