December 27, 2010

When i'm sick like this, i always think IT'S ABOUT TIME

Don't you guys just hate being cuddle in the blanket while shivering and keep on sneezing for the whole time ? And oh, include the coughing every single minutes and vomitted for about 2 times a day parts too. It's way troublesome as you can ever imagine. I've been through all these for this past 5 days and i'm tired of being sick. Yes, people ! My body temperature have been detected to reach 40 degree celcius and how can i'm not telling people that i'm really sick ? Aaahh, my body can't handle the sick any longer. So, tell me, do i really look like i'm okay now ?

I've been asked to swallow so many type of pills to regain my energy and health back but the pills doesn't seems to help much. To my surprise, i've been fever for 5 days straight. Well done, Di !*sigh. The doctor told nothing about lack of vitamins or the weather but depression was the main cause of my sickness. There you go ! Depression ey ? I should've known that earlier since there're lots of thing playing in my mind. The only and simple words that gave a big impact on me by the doctor was "Try not to think much and be happy with what you do. Then, you'll be just nice and real you." So now, how to be happy when i'm not even happy with what i'm doing? The only thing that i can think for this moment to make me happy is when i'm away from Uniten and be with my favourite people. I really have to figure this out. Okay, i don't want to think now.

I am really under depression ey ? It's just OHHHH EMMMMMM GEEEEEEEE ! I mean like for god sake, i'm only 18 years-old and i'm under depression ?! Am i cool or what ?*sigh I'm not surprised either since i've been thinking a lot lately since the first day of Trimester two began.This is because i've never like Trimester two. AT ALL ! I'm having hard time most of the time. I'm even thinking to stay out of campus on the next upcoming trimester which is Trimester three, my last trimester for foundation programme. I'm going to discuss this with Papa and Mummy. I don't know why but i think papa will give me the permission. I'm really looking forward for that untill i can't wait for Trimester two to end.

I'm tired of living in depression at the age of 18 years-old. That's too young for having a depression. A 18 years old girl should have more fun and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Depression no more and be strong, please. I really want that. Ya Allah, give me strength and guide me. Amin.

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