December 5, 2010

So CALLED Bestfriend

Hello so called bestfriend,

Yes, this post is especially written for you. Yes, YOU ! How sweet am i, ey ? Willingly, spare some of my precious time just for you eventhough i don't see what's the benefit of me doing this. By the way, i've been asked to read your blog by some of the friends where they claimed that it comes sincerely from you to me. Oh my, you're being so sweet. I'm so touched but seriously, why i don't feel the same way as what those people said ? I mean the sincerity part. I don't feel any of the sincerity from your writing. I thought you wrote that to gain an apology but it doesn't sounds like one. Instead, it's more to blame others and back up session. Your words are full of sarcasm, young lady. SARCASM and it's not good, you know especially when the sarcasm came from a girl. A girl should act, talk and use word politely. I'm sorry if i say this may hurt you but you need to change. Atleast change the way you talk to others. You may not notice it but some of the people around you get hurt with the way you make a conversation with them. Specifically, your word. Maybe you dah biasa with harsh words but you're not gonna use it to me. NEVER AGAIN ! Ayat nak pedas-pedas pulak and i'm not the right person for you to throw those words.

A piece of advice to you, next time please walk the talk. I mean you always cakap tak serupa bikin which is i dislike the most besides of your attitude yang suka bercakap kasar where by agak susah diterima oleh pendengaran i ni. Oh yeah ! One more thing, if you have problem with me, tolong jangan drag others even you tried to back up your friend. I totally hate that. Bila dah babitkan orang ketiga which is kawan baik i jugak, then nak guna ayat menyakitkan hati kawan i tu jugak. Kesian lah kat dia. Before you write or say something, do you ever consider other people's feelings or you just consider yours ? I bet yours is only that matter. I rasa you sendiri pon ada mentioned about jangan babitkan orang ketiga and bla bla bla kan. So, please walk the talk ok miss. Then, I don't like when u kept on assumed about me and you didn't even ask straight away to me. Don't you think it's kinda stupid action to make? Because i think it is. Kerja asyik nak assume perkara negatif je. Don't you have any other work to do ?

Actually, i can write more than this even more than you wrote in your blog but i decided not to humilate you just like you did to me in your blog. It's enough with the humilation that you made. You memalukan i dan dalam masa yang sama you memalukan diri you sendiri. You don't know how to act professionally. Semua pon main hentam je. I'm sorry but i think cara you agak kampung. I'm so sorry but that's the truth. Trust me, the things are getting worst and i'm sure you know it too. So, i will back off. Don't worry.

Farewell, used to be bestfriend. Live a happy life. Thank you.


yongsofea said...
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yongsofea said...

Fateen , fateen . Aku dah tak tahu nak habaq macam mana dah .


Don't worry. I dah maafkan you and i'm sorry too. everything's done and over.

nuridayuidrus said...

wo0ohaaa! :)