April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge !
When i watched their reception, i wondered is it reality or is it just another fairytale that i couldn't resist to look. Fortunately, it was reality but honestly, i felt like i'm watching a real life fairytale. So cute and sweet yet so true. 

Catherine Middleton

Kate Middleton looked so gorgeous in the beautifully lace wedding dress by Alexander McQueen. It was just perfect for her. I can't stop instead kept on praised her on how she looked on that day. She inspired me so much. Kate Middleton is living in every girls dream starts on the day she's officially called as Princess Kate Middleton. Beauty with brain, Kate Middleton is. I want to be just like her, please. Just so you know, she also has been admired for her fashion sense and has been placed on numerous "best dressed" lists. No doubt about that after looking at her. England must be so proud to have you as a princess a.k.a the Duchess. 

It reminds me of the movie " My Prince and Me ". So fairytale yet so reality. Looking at them, makes me feel excited to get married. I want to be a princess too. Everything look so smooth on them. FYI, i've always love wedding especially a big wedding. I've always wanted to have a BIG white wedding. So lovely. Okay, i need to cut this off. To be a beauty with brain, first i need to concentrate on my studies, no ? 

Reception dinner dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

p/s: I fall in love with Kate's lace wedding dress and her reception dinner dress. British accent is so sexy ! :)


Mia Baharudin said...

beautiful entry ever. n i love her . wahh suka sangat :')


Kan ?! Dia lawa sangat. Beauty with brain indeed. :) Thank u mia.