April 14, 2011

Burden in a week

I guess i've told that i'll be facing Malaysian University English Test, MUET speaking test at the previous post ey ? So, Alhamdulillah, i'm done with the speaking test with bliss on 11th April, 11am. Honestly, i feel nervous and numb while waiting in the quarantine room and COIT seems to be so cold than usual. Just so you know, COIT is known to be the coldest place in Uniten. Yes, my faculty it is. Back on the track, to my surprised, i was listed in the first group on my session at 11am. Imagine my feeling on that time, could you ? Ok. I tried to be calm and alhamdulillah it helped untill my name has been called by the invigilator to go to the examination room with the other 3 members. My leg felt so numb. Luckily, Kina was listed to be one of the members in my group and other 2 members were from COE. The title on that day during my 11am session was, 'Abandoning Babies' and i was assigned as candidate D which holding the point given is 'Goverment need to impose strict laws.' Once i take a look at the tittle and the point given to me, i became stiff for awhile since i didn't expect that this will come out and the point given to me to elaborate didn't really reached my brain. The 2 minutes given to jot down the points of our views doesn't seems to help at all. At that time, i simply talked silly using logical thinking. When it comes to task B, which needs me to participate in a discussion. This one seems to help a lot. Alhamdulillah, i can fit in well in the discussion and talk my view out. So, i guess i won't talk more about this MUET thing. Will face another three MUET tests this Saturday and as usual, i didn't prepare anything for it. 

Right after MUET speaking test on Monday, the burden does not stop there. I had Physics quiz on the next day which was last Tuesday. Tell me about it ! The quiz was about Torque and I never like Torque since ever. So, tell me how can i answer it ? The quiz can kill me. The questions were so hard even Dr. Zolman tried to give out so many hints but still we can't get it. Better luck next time, perhaps ? Hurm.

One after another. This morning, i sat for midterms Mathematics test at library. I don't know how to even describe the questions. What can i say ? Some of it were okay and some of it were quite tough. Of course, being me, always can't avoid to meet with the habit called 'last minute study.' It's dangerous that i actually know but didn't try to make a change of it. Ergh. That's just so wrong, Di. Need. To. Change. 

So, how would you describe my week ? Not forgetting this coming Saturday with MUET, reading, writing and listening test. Can you feel the burden on me ? It's so hard to handle. Time management is so important, that's what i could say. Everything is about time management. Since i'm not a nerdy, i need an entertainment time for myself too. So, need to balance up the time for it.

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