May 6, 2011

Beautifully Surprised

Buenas Noches people,

I'm here to write about this beautiful surprise made for my friend's 19th birthday. Alifah is her name. Actually, this surprise thing was planned by these two people who closed to Alifah, which are Qila and Dila. These trio, no one know how close they are, family bonding. That's what we can see from them. Ok, i'm not talking about this further but going to write up about the night that we planned.

It happened to be on the May 4th, 2011, last Wednesday. I know, today is May 6th already but better late than never, no ? I've been busy with uni matter to settle. So yeah, that's why i'm writing this up a bit late. Actually, Alifah's birthday was on the Labour day, May 1st but since that day is an off day and it was on Sunday, we planned to make the surprise after we get back from the holiday. May 4th, Wednesday where the surprise happened.

Alifah, the girl of that night.

The venue was located at Village View, Bangi. The place's cool. I mean the environment. So chilly. Actually, Village View was the last minute plan because we planned to do the surprise party at Superstar Karaoke, Alamanda. Then, we changed it to the Golden Bridge, Putrajaya. For some reason and considered from others, we last minute plan to do at Village View, Bangi. The foods were luscious. Sehingga menjilat jari okay. Hihi. Oh yeah, i won't spill much with words this time, instead i choose to spill it with pictures from my baby pinky.

These were captured before the surprise happened :

After we finished eating and all, Dila gave the signal to the waiter saying that they can light up the candle and bring out the cupcakes to our table. As we, tried the hardest to distract Pah from turning back, where the cupcakes are coming by kept on taking pictures. So cute ey. Hihi.

These were captured after the surprise happened :

After all the dinner and surprise party held at Village View, we decided to just go back to Uniten. Everyone were acting so nicely albeit we all know that the surprise party at Village View didn't really end there but gonna make an end at Ilmu, instead. Alifah, who's the girl of that night was so happy and she really thought the celebration end there until we reached Ilmu, she've been asked by Qila to take stuff in the boot. Without doubt, she went to the boot by herself and there you go, as she opened the boot, POOF !

These were captured after the 2nd surprise happened :

 So, that's all how it goes. I'm glad that Alifah was so happy about the surprise that we made for her eventhough it was nothing much that we can do since lack of time to prepare with all the uni stuff to be settled. Albeit all of that, we succeed to make it happen just for you, Pah because we love you.

The presents that we got to buy. Rushed all the way to Alamanda. 

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