May 30, 2011

Himpunan Sejuta Belia

Yeah, i know. My post about this Himpunan Sejuta Belia is so outdated already but who cares ? Blog i, i punya suka la kan. I've been so busy lately with so called studies since final is just around the corner without i realized that i'm actually gonna end my foundation so soon and other uni's stuff s. So, should i be happy or what ?

Cut off the crap, i'm actually here to write out my first experience ever being a volunteer during that Himpunan Sejuta Belia day. Being a volunteer sebenarnya bukan senang and yes, i baru tau the feeling of it. To be specific, the thrill of being one. Ada thrill okay ! Siapa cakap takde thrill jadi volunteer, meh i flying kick sikit. Hihihi.

A lot of universities sent their volunteers and Uniten was one of it. Sah-sah la i daripada Uniten kan. The Himpunan Sejuta Belia that was took place at Putrajaya happened on 27th, 28th and 29th of May tapi i hanya menwarkan diri sebagai volunteer pada hari Jumaat which was 27th May, the starting day itself. We've been divided into a few group of works. Oh yeah, the volunteer work that we want to work with, we can choose. Bersesuaian la dengan nama VOLUNTEER kan. I chose to be in the watersports group since i've always inlove anything that related with water. The tranquil of the water can make me hype all over. 

Amagawd amagawd amagawd ! Just by looking at the picture of the water, makes me hype. Nampak gambar-gambar diatas ? Yes, that's where my volunteer work took place. Actually to be exact, this place is kinda urm ... upstream i would called ? You know why i called it that way ? Sebab it happened to be at Presint 6, i think and the whole other events happened to be at Presint 2. Jauh okay, jauh ! But one thing for sure, the place is beyond beautiful. Beautiful spot to date, i should say. Atleast for me, since i love and do appreciate the tranquility of the water.

My volunteer work started at 10am, i think. I didn't quite remember on that and end at 6pm. Not that long, ey ? What do you expect ? It's only the first day, for god sake. After all, i enjoyed being a volunteer eventhough on a hot day. Since kerja habis awal than expected, i sempat la tour around the booths at Presint 2 with the friends. So exciting the booths. I didn't get to buy things that much sebab that time dah penat. So, decided to just tour around the place to get the idea how the whole things look like. At the end of the day, what i can is, it's so YOUTH. Proud of being one. 

That's all about the- oh so excited being a volunteer eventhough on a hot day - thing for now. Gonna treasure it for the rest of my life. Agak-agak boleh buat stock cerita kat anak tak nanti ? Boleh gebang kat bakal suami  sekali nanti kan. Oh, what a life i have. Hihihi. Okay, i starts to crap like again ?! Better stop. Later next time, people. 

p/s : Before pushed off to Putrajaya, i moody kalah orang PMS okay. Siap kena marah dengan that someone lagi tapi bila nampak air, hati jadi girang sampai boleh buat taman bunga. -.-'

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