May 27, 2011

Something Borrowed

"He makes you the person you want to be,
instead of the person you are, and that, 
the idea of life without him is, 
not only unbearable, it's unimaginable."

So yeah, i went to watch this movie with the girlfriends this evening and now, i'm not intend to make a review about this movie since i'm so busy to make one. Later, perhaps ? I just wanted to say that 'Something Borrowed' is a MUST watch movie. The movie was hilarious that i could cry while smile in the same time. You get what i mean ? Nah ? Ok, forget it. Just get your ass off and go hit the nearest cinema to catch this movie. The love life part was the sweetest. I mean it eventhough it brought out the perks in between the friendship that they built for so long but still it turned out to be good. I won't briefly explain everything in here, Just go and watch the movie.

Two of my favourite scenes that i called it cutest !

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