March 9, 2009


"OMG! Fateen blogging twice a day" Oh, shuttap! Dushdush!

Ok, sumpah vain my tittle for this post. Macam dah takde tittle lain je. For whom might concern why i' blogging twice for today its all due to my boredom leaving all alone in this-not so square-house and the headache that attack my lil' tiny brain right after revising back my accounts for this coming exam. I need rest for awhile. So that i can start revising back after this. I need my rest very much. I want to eat! Ok. I've to heat all the foods in microwave and eat it but i'll do right after finish this one first.

Just now, one of my bestest friend, yong sofea, called me. She asked what have i been up to. She told me she had read PAI almost all of the topic for this coming exam and my other friend, najwa had finished read all the topic for PAI that given. I was like ' Woah!'. They really did that fast. Sumpah jealous ok. I must start reading PAI tonight. Asyik buat accounts from last night smpai yg lain t'lupa. Hish! sangat teruk ! I can't let it be. So yeah, PAI for tonight.

Seriously, i miss my adik badly. I miss Fadzleen like crazy. Its not that i don't miss my other adiks but memang tak rindu pon. Every single minutes mmg jumpa diorg pon. So, mmg tak la kot. I need my adik, Fadzleen for this time. I really do. I want her advice. Ok, it sounds a lil' bit silly here. Yela. Kakak nak advice from adik. Bukan kakak ke yang bg advice to adik? Nope for me. Seriously, my adik mmg kinda good for giving me a good advice which is i need it badly for now. So, balik la cepat Elin! *sobsob*

I better make a move now since my stomach dah pandai my drum. So, it keep playing till it get the food to make it silent. Yela. Since morning till now tak dapat the true node. So, the sounds hancur.

Toodles folk!


cOkeLAt ciNtaku said...

permisi mau link!
nice blogee u hd!

fdayana afakhri said...

aww! thnx alot! *winkwink*
i'll link u. btw, spe kah nama anda ye? ;))