March 9, 2009


Yesterday i had a conversation with mummy and papa as well. The funny thing about yesterday conversation was the tittle. I was about to laugh as loud as i can when the tittle which is marriage is brought up by papa. Actually before the the conversation about this marriage thang started, it was about misunderstood of something that happen which i was very sure far from the topic of marriage. So, these are the words of our conversation about this marriage things when it brought up by papa.

Papa tak nak my children kawin before habis ur studies.
Huh? Papa ni knape? Tbe2 je.
Tak. Papa just bagitau so that u know from now. Anak org lain nak kawin awal, papa x kisah.
I dont even bother about others but for my children, its a big NO! Finish ur studies first, pastu nak kawin, kawin la.
Apa papa ni? Lambat lagi la 'benda' tu. Ape kawin-kawin plak papa ckp? Mcm gedik je
What gedik-gedik? U dah 17 dis year u know, next year gonna turn to 18. Its normal la if i talk about this to u.
I'm not even in 17 yet la pa. still 16++. Lagipun, kalau kawin awal ok ape. Look younger with baby in hands.
No way! Tgk papa kawin dgn ur mummy after finished our studies tau. bole je. Nnnt if u kawin awal, u forget ur studies and all ur priority as a student. I dont like that.
Ala, itu dulu la pa. Dah berzaman kot. Sekarang zaman moden la pa. Mummy plak?
I dont mind. U nak kawin time blaja ke, after finish ur studies ke up to u. Janji u igt who r u and as a student, what is ur responsibilities towards ur studies. Yela, kalau dah jodoh awal, we cant refuse it kan.
betul betul!(ceh, konon suka la kan dgn jwpn mummy)Fateen igt plg lmbt pon kawin around 25 or 26 kot. Yela, pity la mummy if fateen ade anak and fateen dah tua my children kecik2 lagi. Mcm kesian je. Pastu, kalau kawin time study, mne tau anak yg will be born by me jadi super duper intelligent ke kan. Yela time study la katakan. A tons of books will be touch dat time kan. Then dpt kt anak pnye brain cell. Plan je la ni kan. Everythings leave it to Allah la. Jodoh kan kat tgn allah. So, tak pyh susah2. Papa pon awal sgt ckp psl benda ni. be patient la.
Pandai2 je buat formula sendiri. Alah, pejam celik pejam celik, kejap je. Berangan nak kawin awal konon. Suruh belajar tak mau.
Apa papa ni? u start it first kan? ckp fateen plak.
And 1 more thing, mummy nak u cari a good, gentle, responsibilities and plg penting yg b'iman guy. Insyaallah he can lead u to the right path.
Insyaallah. Mummy, nak tmbh 1 lagi bole?
ape dia?
Nak yang handsome.
Berangan je la my daughter.
Pa, doa la dr skrg for me. berkat tau tak doa ibu bapa.
i always pray for ur good tau. Tak kan papa nak kne cerita kat u psl tu.
Yela2. Btw, can we end it now. i'm getting bored ok. cerita kawin plak kuar. Dah la tgh mkn.
Takda selera dah ni.

So, that was it. When remind it back, make me laugh till my ass out. Funny je but seriously, bila 2 3 kali fikir, argh! MENAKUTKAN! I'm getting old day by day. Sampai topik kawin has been brought up by papa yg konon nye his daughter ni dah besar from outside look but not inside.


Diana said...

hey babe.
ur parent sgt sporting ok!!
i'm 22 but my childhood friend br je tunang last week & plan nak kawin next year.
and i was thinking that i am tooooo childish lagi to be a mom or a wife.


fdayana afakhri said...

haha. yeah2! mmg sgt sporting my parent.
sis, u mmg nmpk so cute and childsih to be a wife even a mom. nnt org igt ur anak is ur adik kot. hihi. ;)

yeah. thnx sis. will always do.
support me strongly! ceyh. hihi. ;DD