March 19, 2009


Hey everyone! How was ur day? i mean ur half day. My day was great since morning till now. What will happen afterwards, i did not know and i don't think that i've to know untill i get through it by myself. Is it sounds serious? If it is so, please don't be. I just playing with words. Haha. I'm starting to be playful now i guess. So, come and join me. U won't be regret kot. Haha. Might be someone will say "OMG! Is fateen fine today? She seems different from ussual.". The answer will be absolutely YES! I'm feeling great with no reasons. So, please do not ask for more. I'm tired in aswering questions. If by aswering ur questions bring me to a lot of cash then, kindly ask me for further. I'll reply it with good and worth respond. Haha. Ok. Shattap! Craps start to bonding with me.

Uh oh, yesterday night i signed in to myspace and suddenly became so rajin. Then, seems my dilingence is so high, i decided to change my Myspace profile to the-not so-new 2.0 profile. Yeah, such a lame, right? Orang lain dah berabad tukar, skrg bru nak kecoh yg i pon dah tukar kan. Ok. Actually, i seldom sign in to my Myspace account which is i feel it getting bored day by day. I'm more to facebook now. Back to the changing layout thingy, i changed it. Guess what? I love it! Eventhough the shape of the column is soo quite lame with the square box every column but still i like it. Lets take a look at the revolution of my Myspace layout. From the old one to the new one.



This is how it look now. I'm so positive with this change and like i said before, i like it. Ur opinion? No necessity. Sorry. I'll get use with this layout and try to find another beautiful layout to fit with it.

So yeah, thats all for now. Nothing much to tell. I'll stop my writing or typing or whatever u wish to call right here. I'll update it if i have any interesting to write on. So, toodles folk!

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