March 6, 2009

crack the head out

Still alive and breathing as well. Despite now i'm in so like hell pain due to PMS mode, still can manage to crack my head into Physics. It did managed to crack my head out especially form 4 chapter 5 which is Light and i'm starting to give up.
Oh yeah, my monthly exams just started yesterday with Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah.
This morning was English and for me, it was the-die for hard-questions.
I'm running out of time in answering the questions that given. Pfft!
Dissapointed with myself though.
I kept asking myself 'what happen to me lately?'
In this meantime, i admit it that i was not in-myself-condition.
Uh oh, i watched Enrique Iglesias and Ciara videoclip in their new featuring song called Takin' Back My Love. It was extremely fantastic. Looked at Enrique was like OMG melting point jatuh mendadak kot. Haha. Sumpah Hot-to-Top! Maybe i just can simply forget to exhale and inhale as well. Might be la kan. Ok ok. Better stop this video thingy and move on to other topic.
Like what eh? Oh yeah, the chores of Sidang Redaksi yang tak tahu ape nak diperkatakan.
The theme of this year dah dapat which is 'Keamanan dan Kedamaian' but seriously. it sounded like boring.
It's ok. I'll try to figure it out something about that Keamanan dan Kedamaian thang. Meanwhile, i'm sure i'll not be the one yang akan sibuk kot for this year graphic stuff as ade orang yang macam dah pandai sangat in this graphic sampai sanggup minta the teacher to change her to graphic's. Padahal baru this year join this Sidang Redaksi. Btw, do what you feel like you wanna do, biatch because fyi, i'm starting to feel sick entire with all this including YOU! SICK ENTIRE! Hear me! Sorta. Ok. I macam dah free free menambah kan dosa here.
Better i make a move from this little blogie now.

p/s: i find out that nowadays my temparature is easily rise up. So, i need time to make it back to normal.;p

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