July 27, 2008

a normal n kinda boring day

today juz a normal day..nothing special p0n but all of sudden t'ingin nk blogging..
2day such a boring day.. i want 2 go out 4 shopping but yesterday dah kuar a whole day..
now is mega sale dude! n of course i'll not miss it but poorly yesterday i went out 2 ou 4 shopped..
n i'd found tht all da clothes designs r lame.. i said a LAME!
n duh! it just spoiled my mood 4 buying..
then, i decided 2 jln2 n juz cuci mata wif all tht kind lame stuff..
around 10 bru i went home..
now, i've detected by a lazyness virus all over my body..
mls suda mau taip..

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