August 2, 2008

my crazyness have been detect at 2 a.m.

yuhuu! it is 2 a.m in da morning peeps! n da worst part is i'm still awake..
i'm not sleepy n of course, i suda tido t'sgt la lme in da eve..
so, what should i do in dis late morning is doing crapness in dis holy blog..
What a lame la fateen dayana!;)
owh yeah,
da noon got kinda p'gaduhan at my skewl..
i mean outfront of my skewl..
i'm not really into it..
but i think it between indian n malay..
they kinda love 2 provoking each other till da fight began..
n i was like hey! stop fighting each other. n get a life bitch!
if u think by fighting each other is showing u r the real man, u wrong i tell ya!
2 malays n indians who love 2 showing ur stupidity, please la wei..
think before u do..
dont make a fool of urself infront of public..
my mouth keep menguap all da tyme already..
it shows that i'm need my amazing rest at my bed..
so long blogger!
;) ngahaha!

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