August 28, 2008

hello! have been a long time since da day i wrote a blog here..
i'm quite bzy lately.. haha! sibuk la sgt..
oh yeah! afta 1 weeks of hols, i'd dis dianogstik exam or wateva 2 call..
dis exams juz for science n maths subjects..
physics owkeyh la.. not dat hard as chem n add maths..
chem n add maths gyler ssh thp max dowh!
dis exams, juz shows that i'm not ready 4 exam..
how fucking sad was that??
dis week sgt la funny..
got a lot of gossips n i mean wif a capital of L..
dh la gossips ade kne mengena wif me..
my classmate keep asking me da same question all da time..
they always ask me " fateen ade pape dgn hadi ke?" or like jun asked me just now " hadi ske fateen ke?"
or like uthaya said " eh hadi, npe awk asyik dgn fateen? awk asyik b'kepit dgn die je" or like ravin asked me " fateen, y la?? u always be wif hadi?" or or or da words from baaljinder " u wif hadi la now..dont want 2 be wif me la now.fine!"
like hello! peeps! i've got nothing to do wif hadi, owkeyh!
we're juz a good friends owkeyh!
and all dis such a rumours la..
haih! what la all of u..
itu p0n mau kecoh2 kaa??
people now days sgt la funny..
rapat skit suda kecoh over da world..
suda x daa keje kaa?
if not, mind ur own monkey business la dowh..
bongok btol! ;)
but2! my friends suma sgt best n happening..
without them, i juz cant complete my breast..erk! i mean breath..haha!
such a horny!;DD
n n n just now..
afta recess, itu my hunny bunny x da dlm class..
n i've 2 admit it i miss him damn much lol..
hey mr baal! if u read it, u might be tgh perasan-ing ryte now but what 2 do dats da truth..;)
x da dgr ur jokes yg kdg2 sgt tidak funny itu..
tomorrow is friday dude!
n da best thing is, i'm gonna be absence 4 a day..
my skewl gonna celebrate da independence day..
n honestly, independence day 4 dis year quite boring n mcm agak lame..
didnt feel da so-called- AURA!
but juz 1 thing dat i juz cant wait..
Ramadhan baby!
x sabar owh nk puasa ni..
sgt best wooh!
then, afta tht will be raya..
money money money!
eceh! mcm dpt je duit raya wif my age ni..
from relatives bley la dpt but from others maybe agk difficult la kot..
haih! sad btol..
keyh la..
suda mls mau taip-ing..i'll update my blog later..

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