September 3, 2008

going back 2 my dad's hometown all of sudden

morning peeps!
oh god! today all of sudden mummy ckp "pack all ur things, we're gonna go back 2 t'ganu!"
n i n my brothers were like "what is goin on mummy??"
rpe2nye, my grandmom was sick since da three days past..
oh, pity my tok wan..
now, i'll be like skip my skewl 4 a week i think..
i sendiri x sure about tht thing lg..
n n n..
afta dis my dad will fetch my sister di boarding skewl 2 bring her up along..
what a long journey?? that is da 1 thing dat i can be sure about..
about 7 2 8 hours in da car..
oh god! my ass gonna be kaboom! in da car within dis 7-8 hours.
firstly my mummy ckp in suprisely dis morning, i thought we will be travelling by flight in just 45min..
but i was wrong! we will be travelling by car with spending my ass in da car for 7-8 hours..
but thank god! i've sumthing 2 do in da car which is i can finish up my favourite novel written by stephenie meyer, Breaking Dawn, baby!
oh blogger, i need 2 prepare my stuff..
so, toodles cyberworld!

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