September 16, 2008

My day

Seems now is fasting month, i'm so like ske ponteng2 from skewl..
Shit! WTF?!haih..
same goes for today.. i was like ponteng-ing from skewl..
n it was extremely fucking fun..haha!
my day today was very fun ditambahkn dengan my showing skill session in baking..;)
tday i was like very rajin..started went to da kitchen prepare da oven n all stuff needed for me to baking cookies..
how rajin i am ryte??yeah2! i noe..haha!
act. 1stly, i'm thinking to bake a cake but poorly my house run out da ingredients..
so, what can i do is just bake cookies..
other day i'll bake a cake..
WaH! i'm proud baby!
yeah! i've to admit it dat i'm in love with baking since da day 1st..
so, it might be i've a good skill in baking cookies n cake i guess..
oh yeah, i'm good in western n italianesse too..;DD
do ask me for cooking da dishes dat i'm good in yeah..hee!
dont feel hesitate for asking me..
haha!what a lame fateen!
mcm poyo je..;)
i've got sum picture taken..

keyh..i'm out..

more cookies n cake to go..


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